Restaurants in Beverly Hills, California

Beverly Hills is well-known for its fine dining and delicious food. Check out our list of the best restaurants to try during your stay at our apartment.


The Crustacean has been around since 1995, and has wowed audiences all over the world. Their menu offers many different types of seafood, chicken, and beef.

Il Fornaio Beverly Hills

Il Fornaio's is committed to providing their guests with the most Italian experience outside of Italy. They use the freshest ingredients to offer many different items on their menu.

Maggiano's Little Italy

Maggiano's Little Italy is known for serving large portions of authentic Italian cuisine made from scratch. The restaurant includes a Bar & Lounge for guests to unwind and enjoy a fresh beverage while they chat with friends and family. Some of the guests' favorites have been the lasagna and seafood options.


Providence is perfect for that romantic, seafood dinner with your significant other. The rustic, inviting atmosphere there is sure to entice you, along with the friendly staff and tasty dishes. Try the uni egg, Liberty Farms duck, house-made Hawaiian chocolate, black cod, and oyster with caviar. Additionally, get your wine paired with your meal for an astonishing night.


Spago is located in the heart of Beverly Hills and is best known for their exceptional level of service. They are world-renowned for their cuisine and hospitality.

West Restaurant and Lounge

West Restaurant and Lounge is the perfect place to plan a birthday, gettogether, or event. The upscale Italian-American restaurant has a rooftop bar that has an elegant and calming atmosphere. Some of the food you can try on your next birthday there is protein scramble, sunrise burrito, chicken apple sausage, BBQ chicken skewers, herb pork chop, and confetti brown rice.
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